Cool Tees with Jewish Flavor

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Summer is coming! Yes, it's hard to believe after the never ending winter, but it definitely is on the way!

Summer means the beach, flip-flops, sun and fun T-Shirts.

We have partnered with Amazon and our sister company to bring you some cool, fun T-Shirts with fast, free Prime Shipping for Prime members.

With and introductory offer of just 15.99$ per T-Shirt on most styles and FREE Prime Shipping, these T-Shirts are perfect for kicking off the summer season!

You can contact us for private T-Shirt orders well

Here are some ideas:

(all T-Shirts are available in multiple colors and sizes, of course)

Does you Mom or Mother in Law happen to be Cool and Jewish? This T-Shirt will be perfect gift for Mother's Day! Yes, we all know it will become pajama eventually. But it definitely deserves a Mom Facebook brag and a smile :)

3 words to describe this one:




This T-Shirt is perfect for vegans, Israeli expats and Hummus lovers.

Someone once mentioned they only feel at home when there is hummus on the table. This one is for you!

Bar Mitzvah T-Shirt for sporty and athletic types.

Team 13 FTW in 2018

Certified "cool enough to wear in public" by teens

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